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We design, fabricate, install, and manage corporate exhibits, event.

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Creative Design Group - Beaver Exhibit Inc.


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About Us

Creative Design Group - Beaver Exhibit Inc.

Beaver Exhibit Inc. is a full-service exhibit house that designs and builds trade show booths, custom exhibits, as well as retail displays worldwide. We were founded on the belief that excellent customer service should be a rule, not an exception. Our highly skilled account managers are dedicated to seeing you succeed. We look at each of our clients as an investment. Our main focus of each project is to provide a winning solution that efficiently and effectively meets the individual needs of our customers. At Beaver Exhibit Inc., our main goal is to not only surpass customer expectations by offering increased flexibility and greater value, but also deliver innovative displays that best help our customers convey their messaging.

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  • Fabrication

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Today's customers choose their products or services based on their belief in the company. This also means that the brand value of a particular company is determined by the trust of the customer.